eleventh era caps
disclaimer: i do not own doctor who but i wish i did
these caps are not to be used as bases
caps by diamond and margot and paola

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Just wondering, what do you mean by "these caps are not to be used as bases" Confused by what you are talking about when you say bases. Anyways, lovely blog c: Just started following today but so far I really like the content on it! Keep it up ♥

So what I mean by that is that, they should not be subjected to further editing, not used in picspams or graphics, and not claimed as your own. They’re not a starting point for someone else to add their own adjustment layers, etc. 

Anonymous asked:
Hi, I was wondering - which episode is this from? 24[.]media[.]tumblr[.]com/3d42c33f2c0d3ec045047cce929205e8/tumblr_mgqtu7kpzP1rtiyqvo1_500[.]png Thank you!

It’s from the Doctor Who Confidential episode for The Almost People. I believe the episode is (6x06) Take Two. 
No problem! 

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